welcome to Comeragh Wilderness Academy

Welcome to Comeragh Wilderness Academy. Here, you will discover a tranquil, warm, and inviting environment where the distractions of daily life dissipate, creating space for personal growth, development, and learning. Comeragh Wilderness Academy serves as a guiding light, assisting children in their journey of self-discovery and in answering the fundamental question;

“Who am I?”

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Our Vision
  • To create an environment where the child is at the core, where education and personal growth go hand in hand.
  • To foster an environment that nurtures dignity and respect for both the child and their family.
  • To provide a safe and healthy space for growth, regardless of one’s background.

“The mind of the prudent acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.” – Proverbs 18:15

How do we achieve this?
  • By immersing children in a camp environment, we encourage them to draw upon their inner strengths and newfound skills to navigate life’s journey.
  • By nurturing a way of life that is simple and free from overwhelming demands.
  • By developing the young person’s ability to make good decisions, assisted by the camp chiefs and the sense of camaraderie in camp by working closely together with their peers.
  • By embracing the essence of simplicity, we create a space where children can simply “be,” a rare opportunity in today’s fast-paced world.
Our missions statement

Our approach is holistic in nature, focusing on emotional well-being, life skills, and education within a backdrop of pure peace and tranquility.

To stay true to our mission, we abide by a few simple rules:

  • What we do, we do as a group while maintaining a positive attitude.
  • What is worth doing is worth doing right.
“And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.” – Luke 6:32
Our Background

Our cultural roots lie in the Amish Mennonite community, which places a high value on the teaching of children. The entire community actively participates in nurturing and providing comprehensive education to its youngest members. This communal spirit places the child’s needs at the core of our philosophy. With communities worldwide, we offer diverse forms of alternative education to countless individuals.

Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Comeragh Wilderness Academy, where your path to peace and wholeness begins. In our school you will find invaluable resources for life, inner strength, and profound connections that truly do touch right to the heart. This is a unique opportunity for children to discover themselves and answer the question,

“Who am I?”

Our commitment to children goes beyond their physical care and education. We cultivate dignity and respect for each child and their family, providing unwavering support regardless of their background.

In our academy we focus on fulfilling the basic needs for a meaningful life. By minimizing the distractions of daily life, we create an environment conducive to personal growth and development. Every individual adds value to the community by actively participating in daily plans, activities, and reflections. We recognize and celebrate each child’s intrinsic worth, building upon their skills to give their lives purpose and satisfaction.

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Education is a vital component of the camp experience, as it provides the necessary knowledge for the growth and development of young students.

At camp, education takes on a distinctive approach, emphasizing active participation and engagement rather than the passive observation typically associated with traditional classroom settings.

Our camp’s “classroom” extends beyond physical walls; it embraces the great outdoors of nature. The incredible expanse of the natural world presents a plethora of opportunities for individuals of all abilities, offering not only adventure but also invaluable learning experiences. This environment serves as a catalyst, motivating young individuals to strive for personal achievements and engage in parallel learning journeys with their peers.


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